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Living Better While Living With Pain

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by Sarah Anne Shockley  US United States

December 31, 2015   |    1,569 reads    |   0 comments

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Living Better While Living With Pain (book) by Sarah Anne ShockleyBeginning with a discussion of the ways in which chronic pain is experienced differently from short-term pain, the book offers useful suggestions for approaches to pain management and pain reduction specifically for chronic pain sufferers including 21 practical tips for creating more ease, comfort, and resiliency right now.

Chapters include: Why Am I Still Hurting?, Defining Chronic Pain, How Chronic Pain is Different from Short Term Pain, Should We Change Our Approach to Healing?, Ending Pain Is Not Always the Beginning, Nine Approaches to Managing Chronic Pain, and Twelve More Ways to Make Life Easier Today.  Includes several free chapters from The Pain Companion: Practical Tools for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain.


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