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The True Beginner's Complete Guide To Reducing Anxiety And Living In Tranquility

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August 16, 2017  |  7,635 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Meditation by Alexander Hamilton. Beginner's Complete Guide To Reducing Anxiety And Living In Tranquility. Book coverUse These Powerful Meditation Principles to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Take This as Your First Step Towards Nirvana.

Do you feel as if thoughts are uncontrollably swarming into the depths of your mind, night and day? Do you have an abysmal amount of stress that you can never seem to get rid of? Do you constantly waver in anxiety? Do you feel disconnected from all the good things in life and constantly feel as if your mind automatically finds its way back to living negatively? Unfortunately, these are the atrocious states of consciousness that too many individuals in the modern world have developed as a result of the neurotic world we live in.

The reactions to these issues are expected, but incomplete. More people than ever are grappling with their psychological phenomena through prescription drugs that treat the symptoms instead curing the root of the issue. When the effects of the medication begin to waver, the only thing that occurs is a way to get a more expensive, and effective version of their “magic pill”. Many become entangled in the trap of believing that the only way to deal with their complex existential suffering and negative psychological phenomena to be pharmaceuticals. However, there is an alternative. That alternative is meditation. Most particularly, mindfulness meditation.

Happiness is not bought, but experienced through specific states of consciousness. This short book will quickly and thoroughly explain mindfulness so that you can begin meditating to improve productivity, well-being, and the ability to "live in the moment".

About Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton is a young entrepreneur, author, and psychology college student who loves to learn the ins and outs of the brain in order to "hack" into the hidden secrets of the human psyche. He is an amateur philosopher, lover or Jungian psychology, and self-admitted health freak! To Alex, understanding human nature is amongst the most essential topics anyone can understand.

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