Modern Golf Instruction No1 "The Modern Swing"

by Chris. J. Ellis ES Spain
December 16, 2011

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Modern Golf Instruction No1 Golf manual teaching the modern golf swing of todays top players. Fully illustrated and demonstrated by ex European Tour Player, Chris. J. Ellis. Pushing forward the "Modern golf swing working alongside modern technology" This is an easy to follow step by step personal golf lesson packed into a short manual. This golf manual will change your golf swing for the better forever. "This is how the modern Top Tour Players swing the golf club, and its so SIMPLE!!" Learn the way the pros play !! Chris. J. Ellis.


The Modern Swing
A great read all round, I learnt so much from this book and am playing better golf for it. Thanks Chris. Look forward to reading your other Modern Golf Instruction manuals.
Modern Golf Instruction
Thanks for a great golf lesson. Great read and I learnt a lot about the golf swing.
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Modern Golf Instruction No1 "The Modern Swing"
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