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New World

The Welsh Prince who Discovered America 300 years' before Columbus
Book by Dai Pryce
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June 23, 2022  |  649 views

New World by Dai Pryce. The Welsh Prince who Discovered America 300 years' before Columbus. Book coverSeek and yee shall find . . .

The year is 1170 and Prince Madoc of Gwynedd, disillusioned with power struggles and bitter infighting in his native Wales, heads west with his compatriots in search of a wondrous land celebrated in Norse legend.

On their travels they encounter a vindictive lord, a ruthless bishop, a vengeful Icelandic chieftain and an Irish hating giant psychopath. Then there is not so small matter of the deadly Anglo-Welsh mercenary tracking one of their number.

Will Prince Madoc, Princess Angharad, Fergal and the rest make it to their 'New World'?

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Born in Llanelwy, North Wales. Dai grew up in the small coastal town of Flint, famous for its thirteenth century castle. After graduating from Leeds University with a Mining Engineering degree, he spent the next seven years living and working (sometimes four kilometers underground) in Southern Africa. This was followed by spells in California and London. He now resides in beautiful...

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