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Dai Pryce


Born in Llanelwy, North Wales. Dai grew up in the small coastal town of Flint, thirteenth century castle an ‘all. After graduating from The University of Leeds with a Mining Engineering degree, he spent the next seven years living and working (sometimes four kilometers underground) in Southern Africa. This was followed by spells living in California and London.

He now resides in the beautiful state of Colorado, but returns to Wales as often as possible to visit family, soak up that indefinable magical atmosphere, and experience the sense of belonging he feels nowhere else. Proper fish and chips and CAMRA pubs serving real ale are the icing on the bara brith.

Books by Dai Pryce

The King's Daughter - Book cover

Wales 1294 . . . A hated English king, a country in violent rebellion against him, and a sixteen-year old girl from Virginia Beach badly out of her depth. Until recently, Megan Lynch was a high-school sophomore. At present, she is watching a man dangling from a rope as a crowd of thirteenth century Welsh rebels cheer on. “Go stay with your grandmother in Wales,” her mother told her. “It’ll keep you out of trouble.” In her mom’s defense, she could never have predicted the events that unfolded in the ruins of Flint Castle that afternoon.

Fiction > Fantasy