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Norse Mythology

Nordic Mythology Its Gods And History: The Story of Thor Ragnarok and Norse Mythology
by Harald Pedersen  DK Denmark

October 14, 2017   |    1,486 reads    |   0 comments

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Norse Mythology - Book coverBy reading this book you will learn about the history and religion of the Norse, the background to their beliefs and become familiar with the Nordic gods. This book lets you find out about the numerous gods such as Thor, Odin, Loki the Valkyries and learning about their origins and legends. You will learn the fantastic and gloomy fate of Ragnarok, and what it meant for the Norse gods and humans.

This book reveals not only the myths of Norse mythology but also provides the reader with historic background information about the Norse people, their developments, their history, and Ragnarok. It reveals and explains many of the sagas and legends, and you will become familiar with the most important mystic places, legends, poems, and anecdotes of the Nordic gods and their meanings for humans.

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