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Not-So-Secret Secrets of Success

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December 29, 2016  |  2,854 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Not-So-Secret Secrets of Success (book) by Griffin WynnMore than just a standard book of quotes, although it has an abundance of great ones, this book explores many different aspects of success and motivation and uses the quotations to highlight themes common to those subjects.

Using Napoleon Hills 16 laws of success as a framework to guide the discussion, quotes are presented for each topic. We then compare and contrast these messages.

The wisdom of the ages is hiding in plain sight!

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Author's Notes

Like many people, I'm always trying to move forward one step at a time, and trying to stay motivated while doing that. Two of the things that motivate me most are Quotation Books and Self-help Books.

It occurred to me that we needed a hybrid model. Quotation Books contain little, if any, self help discussion, and Self-help Books don't usually have enough quotes. In my opinion.

Thus was born the idea behind Not-So-Secret Books and the Not-So-Secret Secrets Series. I hope you like the new series and just an FYI...I'm working on several fun new variations for later series and stand alone titles.

About Griffin Wynn

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Griffin Wynn is a life-long researcher of success strategies. Reading and applying these success principles has had a lasting effect on his businesses and his life and now he works to introduce these ideas to others.

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