Notes from the Bonfire

Poems In The Age of Coronavirus

Notes From The Bonfire is Matt Nagin’s third poetry collection, a multimedia extravaganza, with photography by Andrzej Jerzy Lech and illustrations by Natasha Yearwood. In March of 2020, Matt came down with coronavirus and wrote these poems during the five weeks he was trying to recover. They cover a range of subjects, although the overarching theme is the dystopian suffering unleashed by this global pandemic.

The book includes work previously published in Gravitas, The Organic Poet, and Poetry In The Time Of Coronavirus. Finally, the book is called Notes From The Bonfire for a number of reasons. One of those is we're hoping the cataclysmic fires of 2020 can be transformed into more of a purifying, celebratory bonfire. Additionally, the hope is that a few notes can be salvaged from all the wreckage, the chaos and destruction, that can make all we’ve endured more tolerable.

Author's Notes

I had my own set of trying experiences with Covid-19, which I recount in the book, the entirety of which was written during the five weeks I struggled to recuperate from the virus. Fortunately, I have recovered, but others, sadly, have not been so lucky.

I wrote the book as a way of responding to all the chaos and sorrow I saw around me while living in New York City, the first U.S. epicenter. I hope it can be of some help to others, possibly offering them new ways of processing what has happened. If not, then, in the very least, it stands as a record of my thoughts and feelings at the time, a way of responding to this national tragedy.

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Genre: Fiction > Poetry

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