Own Your ADHD

Own Your ADHD - Discover Your True Potential by Faigy Liebermann - book cover.
Discover Your True Potential
Faigy Liebermann

17 April, 2019

Is your ADHD stopping you from succeeding in your life?  This book will transform your life. This practical, easy to read book about ADHD will show you how you can master your ADHD life, banish your internal overwhelm and chaos, and learn to focus on your success.  The book is accompanied with an ADHD self-test, clear explanatory diagrams, countless client stories, detailed top tips for your ADHD from  expert professional’s from around the world, and extensive study sources for further research.

Author's Notes

I work with professional mums who have children with ADHD. I wear the coach hat and the mum hat simultaneously. I am married with 5 children, on the ADHD spectrum. I get your challenges. I will show you how you can implement systems that will bring focus and success in your life, and how you can improve your relationship  and bring out the best in your ADHD child.

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