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Positive Anxiety

Flip the Script, and Harness the Hidden Powers of Your Anxiety to Make Your Life Better
Book by M Salek
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April 12, 2023  |  227 views

Positive Anxiety (book) by M Salek. Book cover.Anxiety can feel terrible, but there are ways you can use it to your advantage. More importantly, if you're going to suffer anyway, you might as well get something out of it, don't you agree? And by giving you the insights to figure out how you can use your anxiety to your advantage, that is exactly what this book can (and will) help you to do.

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About M Salek

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M Salek FRSA is an award-winning philanthropist, author, peak performance and business strategist. He’s the founder and CEO of Business Lab, a business strategy consultancy focused on helping businesses grow and improve. With over a decade’s experience in business, he has helped start and grow multiple successful businesses from scratch, as well as advised and mentored numerous more. One...

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