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Positive Masculinity Now

A Heart-led Guide For Growth Toward A Conscious, Emotionally Intelligent and Inclusive Masculinity
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June 14, 2022  |  371 views

Positive Masculinity Now by Mac Scotty McGregor. Emotionally Intelligent and Inclusive Masculinity. Book cover.Positive Masculinity Now takes a deep dive into gender expectations, socialization, and messaging. Through this guide, you will discover different ways to create deep meaningful connections, free from masks and restrictive thinking. You will also learn the importance of breaking free from traditional gender models to create healthy relationships, careers, friendships, and self-images. Once practiced, these strategies will reinforce a fulfilling life full of growth, curiosity, and expansion in all of your interactions.

Understanding how the narrow molds of gender socialization have limited everyone is critical for people to be true to themselves and live responsibly in the world. Through conscious exploration, all can learn to make empowering decisions that create a more inclusive model of masculinity that supports communication, intimacy, and authenticity within.


About Mac Scotty McGregor

US United States

Mac is the Founder and Executive Director of “Positive Masculinity”, a nonprofit that works to dismantle toxic masculinity and helps masculine people work to create a healthier model of masculinity for all people. He is also known as the “Gender Sensei” – is a speaker who works to educate and train various corporations, colleges, and groups on topics concerning diversity, gender, healthy...

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