Project Domino Effect

Project Domino Effect by Vanessa Gowora - Book cover.

5 August, 2017

There are certain building blocks used to achieve extraordinary results as well as success. These building blocks have been used through time, certain principles have been forgotten, but those principles still hold relevance today. The building blocks consist of strategies that enable people to understand their why, find their potential and leave behind a legacy. As the world has gotten more technological advanced, we have found ourselves playing fiddle to everyone's tune and letting go of our dreams. The reasons vary from fear, doubt, insecurities, rejection or lack of self-discipline. Maybe, it's because we don't think we have what it takes or we just think that we are meant to build other peoples dreams. Whatever, the reason, many people especially millennials are discontent with their jobs and it this dissatisfaction that causes many people to wonder what if. Regret is a dangerous thing. This book shows you ways that you can start applying to your life in order for you to be more effective, creative, self-disciplined and assertive in following your vision. This book more than anything focuses on how to achieve personal success and be all you are meant to be. It's not only a book for millennials, but for those who are looking.

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