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Random Thoughts

by Jennifer Johnson  US United States

July 7, 2015   |    1,703 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book image did not loadDo you ever just stop and either space out on your own thoughts or look at strangers musing over what they're thinking? The first part of this book is just like stepping into Jennifer Johnson's random thoughts and getting to just explore someone else's mind. It's fascinating! You get to learn why she loves to write, what her dog thinks (that thought, I wonder the most, when I look at my shih tzu's precious face) to thoughts about Jamaica, dreams, and prison. I don't want to give them all away but IT'S SO FUN! Then, you suddenly get to dive a little deeper into her mind with her poetry. Like I've stated, I'm not much of a poetry person but I LOVE THEM ALL! Since poetry is so personal to each reader and everyone takes something different away. Jennifer Johnson not only has lovely thoughts, but she has such a beautiful soul. Bring to the beach, dig your feet in the sand and just escape into Johnson's mind for a little while.

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