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Jennifer Johnson


My name is Jennifer Johnson and I am from a small town in Indiana. I began writing at an early age and the passion has stuck with me. I published my first poem through a contest in and was included in "Stars of our Hearts". After graduating college that same year I went on to publish my own work called "One Mind's Words". My second book was created later in 2012 called "Our Journey" with my two step-daughters.I have since published "One Mind's Words II" and "Random Thoughts". I have also co-authored "The World As I See It" with my step-daughter and "Generations" with my aunt Sophia Frazier. I was nomitated in the "Who's Who" of literary arts,am a member of the local Writer's Guild,and have been nominated Indiana Emerging Authors. I have also been featured in "Best Poets of 2012" by My works can be found on,,, and kindle devices.

Books by Jennifer Johnson

The World As I See It by Jennifer Johnson. Book cover
I truly enjoyed this photography book! These pictures are beautiful, and the imaginative descriptions that go with them give an even more enchanting feel to the photos. Wonderful, truly inspiring thoughts carry you through this photo journey making it an enchanting experience!
Non Fiction > Photography
Red Eyes (poetry book) by Jennifer Johnson. Book cover
This collection, by now seasoned veteran in independent poetry Jennifer Johnson, is a beautifully, tastefully, artistically, crafted story of dealing with sadness and pain and rising out of it stronger and wiser. The pieces within are intimate, vulnerable, and brave (which has become a staple for this emotional poet) and paint an emotional mental picture for the reader in a sobering way.
Fiction > Poetry
Random Thoughts. Book by Jennifer Johnson. Book cover
Do you ever just stop and either space out on your own thoughts or look at strangers musing over what they're thinking? The first part of this book is just like stepping into Jennifer Johnson's random thoughts and getting to just explore someone else's mind. It's fascinating!
Fiction > Poetry
One Mind's Words II - Book Image Did Not Load!
More poetry of life and its changes.
Fiction > Poetry
Our Journey - Book Image Did Not Load!
Poetry of a parent and her children
Fiction > Poetry
One Mind's Words - Book Image Did Not Load!
Poetry about life and its challenges.
Fiction > Poetry