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Red Eyes

by Jennifer Johnson  US United States

July 7, 2015   |    2,116 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book image did not loadThis collection, by now seasoned veteran in independent poetry Jennifer Johnson, is a beautifully, tastefully, artistically, crafted story of dealing with sadness and pain and rising out of it stronger and wiser. The pieces within are intimate, vulnerable, and brave (which has become a staple for this emotional poet) and paint an emotional mental picture for the reader in a sobering way. The poems in this book appear to be ordered in certain groups regarding with specific emotions and mental states which helps carry the reader through the journey with the poet. The book starts out in a rather painful, sorrowful place, then battles with those feelings, unwilling to accept them. Soon, though, the poems begin to deal with these emotions and, over time, the poet gets stronger from the pain and the darkness. What you have at the climactic end to the collection is a wiser, more philosophical poet regarding the world in a deeper way and a stronger person determined to turn pain and hardship into unfettered inspiration. This is a great collection of poetry and holds the power to connect with readers and with the world in a profound way

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