Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2

Celebrating the third year of her compelling book series of the same name, Cat Ellington brings you Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2, a vastly entertaining collection of literary criticism featuring books 4 - 6 from the highly-rated progression.

Consisting of (81) written examinations from the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2 includes:

On these piquant pages of enlightening commentary, Cat Ellington evaluates her way through the fourth installment of the fascinating series with a hearty helping of examinations that both speak to and entice the reader, including The Edible Exile by Carl Hiaasen, Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris, The Husband by Dean Koontz, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood, The Magpies by Mark Edwards, Live to Tell by Bianca Sloane, The Best Friend by Shalini Boland, Oscar’s Night by Matt Shaw, The Stepmother by Claire Seeber, Last Call by Sean Costello, The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson, Dark Harvest (A Holt Foundation Story Book 2) by Chris Patchell, The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond, and many more.

In the fifth installment of the original series, Cat Ellington presents her trademarked style of interpretative criticism in a diverse set of fictional compositions, including The Breakdown by B.A. Paris, A-List by D.P. Lyle, The Other Girl by Erica Spindler, A Penny For Her Heart by Alretha Thomas, The Fountain of Youth by Steve Shear, The Doll by J.C. Martin, Grand Theft Octo by Niels Saunders, The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances, Killjoy by LeVar Ravel, To Hell in a Handbasket by Willow Rose, Revelation and Retribution by AK Pittman, Blackout: The Life and Sordid Times of Bobby Travis by Edgar Swamp, Tradur Gurl by P.T. Dawkins, and many more.

Swimming in a stream of thrills, chills, crime, drama, and suspense, the 6th installment features Cat Ellington's comprehensive take on a variety of fictional tales that usher in the next generation of literature, including Day of the Tiger by Dallas Gorham, The Apollyon Game by Clive Reznor, Costa Brava by David Kennedy, The Takeover: a Son's Betrayal (The Takeover #1) by Messiah Raye, Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets (Honey Bun Shop Mysteries #2) by M.E. Harmon, Watching You by Gemma Halliday, All I Ever Wanted Was a Love Like Yours by N.L. Hudson, Viva Las Villain by Cynthia Hickey, and many more.

Featuring bonus material by new author Naras Kimono, who contributes to this collection with her reviews of Dog Facts by Joan Palmer, Bible Heroes: Joshua by Jason Parish, and Æesop’s Fables: A Classic Collection of Children’s Fables by Æsop and Milo Winter, among others, and award-winning filmmaker Joseph Strickland, who provides his analysis of works by Andrew Vachss (Hard Candy) and Richard Schickel (Conversations with Scorsese), Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2 is sure to delight those readers who share a fondness for the art of literary criticism.

Reviews by Cat Ellington. A unique critique.

Author's Notes

Presented in Caribbean Fuchsia, Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques # 2 (co-authored by Naras Kimono and Joseph Strickland) is the second installment in the Unique Critique Trilogies series. The succession takes its inspiration from the shades of the Caribbean. And book two, featuring books four through six from the Reviews by Cat Ellington series, is tinted in Caribbean Fuchsia - in honor of my love for Aruba.

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