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Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 5

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by Cat Ellington  US United States

December 14, 2020   |    248 reads    |   0 comments

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Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 5 - Book coverPainted in a rich hue of ultraviolet blue, Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 5 continues the journey through the analytical world of literary criticism with the next collection of engrossing examinations that either ooh, aah, or grimace their way through the vast realm of literary fiction.

In the fifth installment of the original series, Cat Ellington presents her trademarked style of interpretative criticism in a diverse set of fictional compositions, including The Breakdown by B.A. Paris, A-List by D.P. Lyle, The Other Girl by Erica Spindler, A Penny For Her Heart by Alretha Thomas, The Fountain of Youth by Steve Shear, The Doll by J.C. Martin, Grand Theft Octo by Niels Saunders, The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances, Killjoy by LeVar Ravel, To Hell in a Handbasket by Willow Rose, Revelation and Retribution by AK Pittman, Blackout: The Life and Sordid Times of Bobby Travis by Edgar Swamp, Tradur Gurl by P.T. Dawkins, and many more.

Joined by contributing authors Naras Kimono, a young writer who adds to this effort with her adorable analyses of Beanbag by Janice Marriott, Planet Earth by Ella Fern, and Bible Heroes: Joshua by Jason Parish; and filmmaker Joseph Strickland, who supplies this dialogue with his apprising reviews of Hard Candy by Andrew Vachss and Conversations with Scorsese by Richard Schickel, Cat Ellington continues to stay true to the hue of her punctilious review.

So settle down, why don’t you, and prepare to lose yourself in the analytical creativity of its wondrously original, ever admired, undiluted, pleasantly fun-filled, and incredibly thought-provoking authorship.

Reviews by Cat Ellington. A unique critique.

Author's Note: 

From Quill Pen Ink Publishing comes the fifth installment in the Reviews by Cat Ellington series, featuring bonus material by Naras Kimono (returning after her debut in book 4) and award-winning filmmaker Joseph Strickland.

About The Author

Cat Ellington is an American songwriter, casting director, poet, and author from Chicago, IL. She is best known for her creative contributions to the diverse industries and fields of music, movies, art, and literature.

Cat Ellington's professional credits list a collection of nonfiction books, including the Reviews by Cat Ellington series, The Making of Dual Mania, More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech, Memoirs in Gogyohka, and You Can Quote Me On That. In film and music, Ellington's credentials include her work on the psychological thriller, "Dual Mania," and... more

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