Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 6

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Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 6 - Book coverDipped in an intense hue of neon green, Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 6 continues the journey through the analytical world of literary criticism with the next collection of critiques.

Swimming in a stream of thrills, chills, crime, drama, and suspense, the 6th installment features Cat Ellington's comprehensive take on a variety of fictional tales that usher in the next generation of literature, including Day of the Tiger by Dallas Gorham, The Apollyon Game by Clive Reznor, Costa Brava by David Kennedy, The Takeover: a Son's Betrayal (The Takeover #1) by Messiah Raye, Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets (Honey Bun Shop Mysteries #2) by M.E. Harmon, Watching You by Gemma Halliday, All I Ever Wanted Was a Love Like Yours by N.L. Hudson, Viva Las Villain by Cynthia Hickey, The Servants by Janine R. Pestel, Free Bird: A Romantic Thriller (Anna Series Book 1) by Lee Alan, and many more.

Young author Naras Kimono, who made her professional writing debut in Vols. 4 and 5 of the distinctive series, returns to this effort with her personal reviews of Æesop’s Fables: A Classic Collection of Children’s Fables by Æsop and Milo Winter, Pomeranians by Joanne Mattern, and German Shepherds: Zoom in on Dogs by Leo Statts.

So settle down, why don’t you, and prepare to lose yourself in the analytical creativity of its wondrously original, ever admired, undiluted, pleasantly fun-filled, and incredibly thought-provoking authorship.

Reviews by Cat Ellington. A unique critique.

Author's Notes

The Cat Ellington Literary Collection now includes the 6th installment in the fun-filled Reviews by Cat Ellington series! And I'm so excited. In an intense hue of neon green, the collection also includes bonus material by Naras Kimono, a young author whose reviews first debuted in books 4 and 5 of the progression.

Courtesy of Hues of the Reviews, the shade of Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 6 took its inspiration from both the poster art for Wicked (the Broadway musical) and the spirit of envy that consumes many of the fictional characters that I critique in this set.

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