Sadist II: The Duppy King

Sadist II: The Duppy King by Kel Fulgham - Book cover.
Kel Fulgham

13 December, 2018

After suffering heavy losses at the hands of the Sadist, Patrick Stetson goes home to properly tend to his wounds. Three years later, Patrick is up for promotion and his life has almost returned to normal. But he learns the danger he fought once before is back, and this time it's hunting him.

Paige Stetson left New York and moved to Boston leaving the past behind her. But her new found freedom is short lived once she receives the message encapsulated in a dream.

Donald Jones found peace and happiness with his new family. Donald felt the call but ignored it until destiny showed up at his doorstep.

Maria Fletcher withdrew from everyone after losing all she loved and cherished. Patrick was the last of her family, so she reached out to him and learned that Cal Johnson was still alive. It wasn't long before her help was sought by Norton Wyle, an ambitious federal agent who wants to harness the Sadist's power.

The final judgment has begun, and in the eyes of the Sadist, all are guilty.

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