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Walk of the Claimed

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by Kel Fulgham  US United States

September 1, 2018   |    969 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Walk of the Claimed - Book coverNo matter what the package is or where it needs to go, Thaddeus Archer is the man who will get it there. That is, until his most recent mission. He comes home after losing his "package" and his life begins to unravel before his eyes. Just when things begins to turn around, he finds himself faced with another impossible high value job: Deliver a young girl (who doesn't speak) to Japan in 30 days while avoiding her father, who has deadly plans for her.

His wife is brutally murdered, his sons are missing, and the law is after him. Thaddeus has to figure out how to deliver this child to her destination without getting them both killed.

Her mother is an angel, and her father is a demon.

And she's amazing.

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