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Saving Miss Julie

by Stan Lynde  US United States

September 11, 2012   |    1,058 reads    |   0 comments

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Saving Miss JulieWhere is Julie? When cattle baron Thane McAllister's daughter disappears from her home and a ransom note signed by the notorious Coldwater brothers arrives at the ranch, U.S. Marshal Chance Ridgeway deputizes cowboy Merlin Fanshaw and sends him and legendary tracker Hoodoo Hawks to deliver the ransom and rescue Julie. The job is supposed to be a simple one, but Merlin soon learns that a "simple" assignment can sometimes be the most difficult of all.

"There simply cannot be a writer better trained by environment and experience to draft western fiction," writes author and syndicated columnist Roland Cheek. "Stan Lynde is a master of imagery." And best-selling author Larry Delaney writes, "No one has ever captured the character of the west, or created more authentic and memorable characters than Stan Lynde." Saving Miss Julie is a thrilling page turner of a novel, combining action, mystery, and humor to produce a memorable reading experience, and a book the reader will save and read again.


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