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Sea Soul

by Ivan Kuznietsov  UA Ukraine

November 7, 2020   |    180 reads    |   0 comments

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Sea Soul - Book cover"Sea Soul" is the second book in the Big Little Stories series from contemporary Ukrainian writer Ivan Kuznietsov. Each book in the series is an independent, complete story and can be read in a free sequence. All stories have something in common—they are all about change. You will discover the adventures of different characters, but all of them, just like you and me, are essential parts of the big little story of our world.

This book tells the story of an elderly man who has lost the meaning of life. One day he decides to go on a sea voyage hoping to get new life experiences. But circumstances develop so that the ship is wrecked, and we observe the struggle for life, which takes place not only outside but also inside human consciousness. And everything would be a little easier if it were not for a huge white shark, looking for easy prey. Each chapter of the book is one day in the main character's life and describes the amazing events that happened to him. This journey, filled with discoveries and shocks, give the impression that you are becoming the main character of this exciting story.

Author's Note: 

A book about adventure, survival, and resilience of the human spirit.


About The Author

M I N D F U L | M O M E N S | C O L L E C T I O N
Ivan Kuznietsov, together with his sister Ann Kuznietsova and their team, are working on the Mindful Moments Collection book series. In each book, they develop approaches to mindful life from the Ukrainians point of view. Ivan is responsible for writing books (3 are currently available) and technical execution. Ann, in turn, is responsible for culinary masterpieces and blogging (more than 150.000 followers). Also, their team includes several more people who make an invaluable contribution to the work. All books in this series are... more

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