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Ivan Kuznietsov


M I N D F U L | M O M E N S | C O L L E C T I O N
Ivan Kuznietsov, together with his sister Ann Kuznietsova and their team, are working on the Mindful Moments Collection book series. In each book, they develop approaches to mindful life from the Ukrainians point of view. Ivan is responsible for writing books (3 are currently available) and technical execution. Ann, in turn, is responsible for culinary masterpieces and blogging (more than 150.000 followers). Also, their team includes several more people who make an invaluable contribution to the work. All books in this series are devoted to different aspects of a mindful life, complement each other, and can be read in free order.
The team follows three core principles:
1. Create high-quality content;
2. Be honest and strive to get only deserved reviews;
3. Keep improving.

Ivan Kuznietsov is a Ukrainian writer. He is an author of two book series: Big Little Stories and Mindful Moments Collection. His writing style is a combination of inspirational stories with useful information.
In addition to writing books, Ivan Kuznietsov is a certified World Class Manufacturing (WCM, Lean) Instructor. He studied extensively at various universities and now teaches how to apply a mindful, lean approach to work and everyday life. Together with the team, he reached the Silver Award for WCM system implementation.
1) Time Mentor (ArcelorMittal University, 2018);
2) Master of Negotiations (ArcelorMittal University, 2017);
3) World Class Manufacturing Instructor (ArcelorMittal University, 2016);
4) Negotiations with Internal Clients (Training for Business, 2015);
5) Change Management (TMI, 2014);
6) Leader's Way (Development Training & Consulting, 2014).
Ivan is currently working on a new book, continues his work and development.

Ann Kuznietsova (@ankaa_ya)—food blogger (more than 150,000 followers) with new ideas about eating habits. Ann is creating healthier versions of her favorite family foods and posting them on her blog, where she receives an overwhelming response from men and women alike. In addition to cooking healthy food, she teaches how to eat and have optimal body weight.
Ann has the following achievements:
1) At the moment more than 150.000 followers on Instagram;
2) Developed over 100 culinary video recipes;
3) Publications in two journals;
4) Released "The Mindful Nutrition" guide.
5) Co-authored the book, "The Mindful Eating for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide for Lifelong Health and Collection of Quick & Easy Recipes for Every Day;"
6) Co-authored the book, "The Mindful Nutrition: How to Enjoy the True Taste of Food, Have a Slim Body and 33 (+3) Home Cooking Recipes for a Delicious Degustation."
Ann is also working on a new guide on mindful eating, cooking healthy culinary masterpieces, and developing nutritional methods by which people can eat and, at the same time, have optimal body weight.

Books by Ivan Kuznietsov

The Mountain of Desires - Book cover

An inspiring story about friendship, courage, and the power of dreams. “The Mountain of Desires” is the third book of the Big Little Stories series. All books in this series are related by themes and characters but can be read in any order. All stories have something in common—they are all about change and gives the impression that you are the main character of an exciting journey.

Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
Sea Soul - Book cover

This book tells the story of an elderly man who has lost the meaning of life. One day he decides to go on a sea voyage hoping to get new life experiences. But circumstances develop so that the ship is wrecked, and we observe the struggle for life, which takes place not only outside but also inside human consciousness. And everything would be a little easier if it were not for a huge white shark, looking for easy prey.

Fiction > Action & Adventure
Escape to Myself - Book cover

A book about life, travel, survival, and awareness of mistakes. Escape to Myself is the first book in the Big Little Stories series from Ukrainian writer Ivan Kuznietsov. Each book in the series is an independent, complete story and can be read in a free sequence. All stories have something in common—they are all about change. You will discover the adventures of different characters, but all of them, just like you and me, are essential parts of the big little story of our world.

Fiction > Short Stories
The Mindful Eating for Beginners - Book cover

Are You Looking for Cookbooks with a Little More Personality? Welcome to Anka's Kitchen! What does "mindful eating" mean? What is the difference between mindful eating and healthy eating? How to eat mindfully? The root of these questions is not that specific diet plan—it's our mind. The difference in the mindset will drastically improve the quality of your life! Now, the question is how to achieve this mindset?

Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Mindful Nutrition - Book cover

Discover how to create quality food without spending hours in the kitchen, eat with pleasure, and achieve optimum fitness! Do you feel guilty and anxious about eating certain foods? Or find yourself unable to resist old habits to eat during stress even if you're not hungry? Have you tried every diet going only to see the weight creep back on again? Now is the time to stop what you're doing and try a different, natural, and brilliantly effective approach. It is straightforward and, at the same time, is the most crucial goal—to focus on how to benefit people.

Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Mindful Thrift - Book cover

Meet the first book in the Mindful Moments Collection series! All books in this series are devoted to different aspects of mindful life from the Ukrainians point of view, complement each other, and can be read in free order. Ivan Kuznietsov in The Mindful Thrift book suggests basic and accessible practices for making changes in your life. The most important is to realize what we do as often as possible. Between situation (what happens to us) and action (what we do about it) is always a perspective to choose.

Non Fiction > Self help