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Escape to Myself

by Ivan Kuznietsov  UA Ukraine

September 30, 2020   |    597 reads    |   0 comments

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Escape to Myself - Book coverA book about life, travel, survival, and awareness of mistakes.

Escape to Myself is the first book in the Big Little Stories series from Ukrainian writer Ivan Kuznietsov. Each book in the series is an independent, complete story and can be read in a free sequence. All stories have something in common—they are all about change. You will discover the adventures of different characters, but all of them, just like you and me, are essential parts of the big little story of our world.

This book tells the story about a conscious transition from the life of a highly respected person, the heir to the royal throne and everyone's favorite, to the life of a vagabond who sleeps wherever he has to and lives on alms. Once life circumstances prompted him to leave his safe home secretly and went to wander the world in order to get to know people better, and most importantly—himself. Each chapter of the book is one day in the life of the protagonist. Each day describes important events that happened to the main character and the conclusions he made. This journey, filled with discoveries and shocks, is led from the protagonist's perspective, giving the impression that you are becoming a big part of this exciting story!

Author's Note: 

I write books with one simple aim in mind: to provide the readers with inspirational stories about life wisdom.


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