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Single-stroke English

Summary edition
by Richard Lung  GB United Kingdom

June 30, 2018   |    837 reads    |   0 comments

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Single-stroke English - Book coverAfter a life-time of definitely not gainful employment in the study hobby of making the English language easier to learn, you do pick up various tit-bits. These I wanted to leave out (until I could complete a long edition) for a short no-frills edition of the essentials of my hard-earned appreciation of the heroic measures demanded of this simplified English project.

There is no way that I could convince the typical reader of the need for such a drastic, yet in some respects conservative, reform. It took me most of my existence, to get there, so how can I expect anyone else, to agree: Ah yes, that's the way to do it, mate!

I learned the hard way that the only memorable short-hand is based on simplified versions of the familiar alfabet: Single-stroke English (SE).

Author's Note: 

This summary edition keeps as closely to the point as possible, to keep the course short, with no distractions. (A long edition contains many more worked examples and various tips and short-cuts for learning English.)

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