SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self-Publishing

SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self-Publishing (book) by Villayat Sunkmanitu

13 June, 2012

SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self-Publishing provides tips on formatting your book & Ebook, associated document checking, social networking, registering your title with an ISBN agency and picking a distribution package.  There is also basic information about 'Copyright'.
The Ebook is a general guide to help you over some of the basic hurdles.
The title is aimed at people that have IT experience and can use programs using text and html but want direction in the actual process that I've used to produce my books.
One of the most useful areas is how to use Social Networking effectively (eg linking up Blogger, Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness of your title by only having to input data in one area.

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