Teaching a Learner Driver

Teaching a Learner Driver (book) by Don Gates. Book cover.
A Guide for Amateur Instructors

21 February, 2023

If you're thinking of teaching someone to drive, this is the book you need.

It's written by a professional who works with people who are learning to drive every day of his working life. With 4 decades of experience, both as a driving instructor and driving examiner, Don will help you to train a learner driver to be safe, confident and capable.

With the help of this driving instructor guide, you will learn how to give structured driving lessons, and how to deliver driving instruction like a professional, avoiding many of the pitfalls that amateur teachers fall into. The instructions are easy to follow and all tricky points are illustrated with clear diagrams. Take the stress out of your task and find out how to turn a novice into a capable and independent driver.

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