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The Baby Factory

The Genesis Society
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by Jean Jacques  US United States

June 5, 2016   |    1,466 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Baby Factory: The Genesis Society (book) by Jean JacquesHeinrich Himmler started a program called 'Lebensborn' in a little village near Munich, Aryan women came here to be impregnated by a selected group of SS officers. They would then give the Aryan babies to designated German families. To reach their goal, they kidnaped thousands of blond blue-eyed Polish children, Germanized them, gave them German names, and assigned the children to elite German household.

'The Baby Factory' is inspired in part by Himmler's Lebensborn program.

The story is about the discovery of and attack on a Los Angeles based, secret and demonic organization, 'The Genesis Society'. Their goal, like Himmler, attempting to resurrect the Aryan race on a grand scale in America. Stevie, an African-American investigative journalist is writing an exposé on Hollywood prostitutes. Genesis Society agents kidnap Margie, a young blond blue-eyed prostitute who happens to be the star of Stevie's story. With the help of his buddy Eric, an LAPD detective, they go to her rescue. Will they make it in time to save her?

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