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The Black Man's Answer

A Common Man's Perspective on the Black Struggle
by J. G. Robinson  US United States

June 24, 2020   |    487 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Black Man's Answer - Book cover"The Black Man's Answer", is a personal spiritual and reflective journey through the eyes of an African American male who has witnessed, and questioned the social inequities that came together to become his life.

This book enables those insides, or outside of the culture to experience what it means to be self-aware of the shortcomings of themselves and their people, as well as offering potential solutions to correct or improve the situation so that the cycles aren't repeated for future generations to come. It covers a variety of topics such as love, religion, spirituality, economics, patriotism, health, family, and communication to name a few.

This book was written without the help of any official experts as the author holds no formal education on any of the topics mentioned. The situations were conveyed from the standpoint of an average brother in America who is trying to find his identity and in the process was led to contemplate the salvation of his people as well. The message is relayed this way intentionally in order to meet the reader on a more natural level.

All accounts mentioned in this book are taken from real-life experiences that the author has endured during his life.


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