The Depth Of My Soul

by Balthazar Rodri... DK Denmark
February 3, 2009

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The Depth Of My Soul - Book CoverIt is a book of poetry and in the book; I focus on injustices such as wars, corruption, war crimes, religious fundamentalism, child abuse, dictatorship etc. I focus also on the fight for freedom, justice and peace and the hope for a better world etc. I express myself through poetry because poetry goes beyond logic and I express my emotions about these circumstances. The book is also available for download as an E-Book in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Get the same great book to read on your computer or PDA! It's less expensive and it saves paper! I have published my book at I – Proclaim publishing house, which is an imprint of Dorrance Publishing Company -- The Nation's Leading Author Services Company Since 1920.

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The Depth Of My Soul