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The Struggle For Power and The Fight For Survival

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February 6, 2009  |  2,022 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Struggle For Power and The Fight For SurvivalTo my readers, I want to say that this book is my second book of poetry. Throughout life, man has had the ability over things and people. Sometimes, power is the source of strength, if we use it positively. Power protects us and gives us the ability to make right choices, if you use our common sense and positive power can be used in different ways such as: fighting for justice, enforcing laws, setting fruitful rules, setting offenders in prison, fighting terror etc. There is also the other side when there is no balance and that's when power is abused by cowards who think that oppression and terror is a matter of survival. We want solutions to overcome obstacles, each of us faces. This book also focuses on tyranny, oppression, disease, abuse, unfair trade, terrorism, crime, financial crisis etc.
I focus on hope, optimism, freedom and justice for everyone. A negative influence leads to destruction. It's like rotten orange turning good oranges to tasteless bigots. We have a power to make positive changes for ourselves and our countries and fight against what is unjust.

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