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The Devil Knows

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by David J Cooper  MX Mexico

April 5, 2017   |    1,141 reads    |   0 comments

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The Devil Knows - Book coverFew have attracted such notoriety or public loathing as the Moors murderers who kidnapped and murdered five children.
Myra Hindley was obsessed with Ian Brady, and he loved the idea of being worshipped and adored. He decided to include her in his plans for a crime spree.
They began a perverse love affair which included taking explicit photos of each other. But this was not enough so their interest turned to kidnapping, child molestation and murder.
Were they born monsters or did they develop into monsters because of their sadistic relationship?

Author's Note: 

I wanted this book to be different from books already written about these killers so I decided to base it on their relationship and how they lured their victims to the slaughter and not concentrate on their trial. I even wrote to Ian Brady but he never replied. However, I was contacted by a woman who claims to be the daughter of Myra Hindley and this chat appears in the book.

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