The Foster Factory

by David Learmont US United States
July 7, 2015

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Book image did not load.The Foster Factory describes the experiences of an elderly couple who became foster carers in their mid-sixties. David and Marsha Learmont decided upon retirement that they weren't quite ready yet for pipe and slippers by the fire (not that Marsha had ever smoked a pipe.) They got themselves trained as foster carers, and were soon having to cope with various children from broken families -- among whom were kleptomaniacs, pyromaniacs, tractor-maniacs, and children who stabbed him and burned down their house. David recounts these tales with "what remains" of his sense of humour and his "diminishing supply" of faith in mankind. Critics have called the book "witty, sardonic, sad and hilarious, told in a style ranging from Catch-22 to Bertie Wooster." A non-fiction work with two intrepid oldies.

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