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The Guru of Mindfulness

3 Days to Discover your Full Potential
Book by Ted Felton

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August 2, 2018  |  2,744 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Guru of Mindfulness - Book coverNo matter what it is you want to achieve in life, what makes you happy, or how you hope things are going to turn out – it all starts with your mind.

That is to say, that your mind – and your mindset more specifically – is responsible for how successful you are in any given career or pursuit, how others see you, your health, your physical strength and even how happy you are with what you have accomplished.

Any change you want to create in your life starts with the decision to make that change. That alone is enough to mean that all change necessarily must come from within, to begin with. It is then your conviction about that change that ensures you’re able to accomplish it, your planning and your determination. And finally, it is your perception of that change that determines whether or not you are content with it.

In this book, you will learn:

*How your brain works and how this impacts on your experiences and your capabilities

*How you can take control over the workings of your brain in order to alter your emotional state and more

*How controlling your own mind can help you get into the best shape of your life

*How to be happier and more content How to manipulate others by understanding the workings of their mind

*How to increase your confidence and use the ‘law of attraction’ to get whatever you want in life

*How to overcome your fears and other obstacles

*How to increase your energy levels and never have a lazy evening again

*How to accomplish incredible focus and tap into ‘flow states’

*How to be engaging, charismatic and attractive

And much more…


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Ted Felton is a versatile person. When he is not teaching yoga he is writing books, coaches students and writing books in many different spheres. Making easy to understand lessons for everyone, he aims to improve personal wellbeing of all of his students. Supporting with real life examples from Ted Felton’s life, everyone will be able to discover something new and valuable. Implementing...

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