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The Highland Lass

by Rosemary Gemmell  GB United Kingdom

May 3, 2019   |    656 reads    |   0 comments

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The Highland Lass - Book coverA dual timeline novel set in Scotland in the present and past!

Eilidh Campbell returns to her Scottish roots from America with one burning ambition: to discover the identity of her real father. But her mother’s past in Inverclyde is a mystery with family secrets, a book of Robert Burns’ poems with a hidden letter and a photograph link to the Holy Loch at Dunoon when the American Navy were in residence.

Staying with her childhood friend, Kirsty, while searching for answers, Eilidh begins to fall in love with handsome Scot Lewis Grant, but just how divorced is he? Together they trace the story of Highland Mary and Robert Burns, with its echoes to her mother’s story. From Dunoon, to Ayrshire and culminating in Greenock, Eilidh finds the past is closer than she realises.

Author's Note: 

Having lived in Scotland all my life, its beauty and dramatic landscapes inspire much of my writing. I was long fascinated by the vague details about the life of 18th century Highland Mary who is buried in my hometown. She was one of the loves of our national poet, Robert Burns, and I was keen to fictionalise their story. This forms the alternate historical chapters of the book, while modern day Eilidh and Lewis features in the contemporary chapters, as Eilidh seeks to unravel family secrets.

About The Author

Rosemary Gemmell is a Scottish novelist and freelance writer whose short stories, articles and occasional poems have been published in UK magazines, the US, and online. She is a member of the Society of Authors, Romantic Novelists’ Association and Scottish Association of Writers. Scotland greatly inspires some of her stories and she loves to dance!

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