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THE MIST Stage One

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by Nagwa Malik  PK Pakistan

April 2, 2016   |    1,457 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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THE MIST Stage One (book) by Nagwa MalikToday’s world is a world of conspiracies—too many of them. But what if, fantastically, many of them actually dovetail to form a fine spidery web of truth? What if ancient myths are not myths anymore- what if they never were? What if politics was always an embodiment of those very myths?
It certainly seems so as Tanya, the Pakistani spy, is commissioned to find and disclose the truth behind the war of terror- trails leading her to the West, and then back again to Pakistan to effect a closure only to find that in order to achieve true closure one has to travel again, not countries this time, but centuries...
Written in at least three different English dialects,THE MIST is the first of a two-part series, a spy novel, dealing with today’s conspiracies, mostly political, and regarding intelligence agencies.

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