The Mist Stage Two

The Culmination
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by PK Pakistan
April 20, 2016

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The Mist Stage Two: The Culmination (book) by Nagwa MalikTanya and Burke feel overwhelmed and ore entangled than ever as they try to make some sense of it all: the more they try to move forward the more they seem to find themselves pushed back or stuck in place.
Tanya is frustrated with her lack of action and wants to get the mission over with. Her mind's break is due and she knows that if she delays this break she might never regain full control.
On the other side Burke finds that the losses of people close to him are getting more frequent and unbearable.
Alternating between a crises of faith and their greatest fear of losing each other, Tanya and Burke try to make their way through to the end unscathed.

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The Mist Stage Two: The Culmination (book) by Nagwa Malik
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