The Nasty "C" Word: Codpendency

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July 19, 2018

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The Nasty "C" Word: Codpendency - Book coverAre you constantly feeling like your mind is crowded with the wants and needs of everyone else? Are you feeling emotionally drained but you’re not sure why? Are you feeling like you are the master or everyone’s universe but not sure how to fix your own?

Welcome to codependency! Codependency is one of the most prevailing mental illnesses in today’s day and age and has numerous causes and effects that are detrimental to not only your mental health but also your self-esteem. In this book, the author (a self-admitted codependent) explores what it’s like to have codependency and how to stop the enabling behaviors that are ruining your life.

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The Nasty "C" Word: Codpendency - Book cover
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