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The Plight of a People

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The Plight of a People is an epic of one people's continued journey to survive in an ancient world lush with catastrophe. It is split into three individual stories, each separated by countless generations and connected by the culture, struggles and themes they all share.

The Plight of a People - Book coverIn Part I, the story follows disgraced military officer Solinus as he attempts to once again be the man he once was and single-handedly defend his people from annihilation from a hostile group of religious zealots. Nearly 300 years later, Part II follows Emperor Aethon as his struggle to maintain power unleashes a maelstrom of tragedy upon him and his empire. Lastly, Part III occurs over a century afterwards, when King Eulasus begins a war of liberty to save his kingdom from the wrongs brought down upon it by a brutal regime.

Each part is intertwined with the others to craft one story about not just the struggles of the individual, but also the people’s struggle and the relationship between the ruler and the ruled. Vast cycles of oppression and the constant presence of great omnipotent gods look over the many eons of war that rule this ancient world. All this bloodshed occurs over a backdrop of barely explored lands full of mystic creatures and powerful deities. The continual exploration of this world and the gradual advancement of humanity within it serve as merely the first of challenges for the people living in a delicate world order just waiting to implode all around them.

Author's Notes

This is my debut novel, which I have been working on for the better part of two years now. It is a work to showcase how a world similar to our own in the distant past could evolve into something beyond the imagination of any sane person today. The systems and institutions we consider to be fundamental and irreplaceable in our world are not by any means the only ways of doing things. There are countless other options for the organization and development of human society, and this first installment of the series aims to lay the groundwork for the presentation of systems wholly and magnificently different from our own.

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J. W. Barlament is an author, blogger, poet, and student from the United States. In addition to writing, he has interests in music, politics, philosophy, and religion that he plans to pursue further once he gets out of high school and into college. All of his works and musings can be found either on his website or on social media.

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