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The Ruin of a Ruler

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by Jared Barlament  US United States

October 17, 2019   |    664 reads    |   0 comments

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The Ruin of a Ruler - Book coverMortal against immortal. Philosopher against emperor. Man against god.

Valenthia, queen of the city-state of Rauheim, is readying her forces. Vaersius, emperor of the vast Halaeric Empire, is hellbent on conquest, and he sees her city as ripe for the taking. His father, the great god Halaeron, seeks to see the whole world worshipping him. His mentor, the old philosopher Rahdain, seeks to see all people live in peace. Only one vision may prevail. None of them are about to back down.

In his third novel, J. W. Barlament explores problems of politics, philosophy, and religion through three grandiose stories about one fantastical world tearing itself to shreds.

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