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The Two Worlds of Tony Leonitou - Part 2

by Chris Christodoulou  CY Cyprus

December 20, 2014   |    1,515 reads    |   0 comments

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The Two Worlds of Tony Leonitou - Part 2 - Book CoverTony could have gone anywhere in the World to escape Tyrone’s clutches, but circumstance took him to ‘Hastings’ on the South coast of England, where Tyrone’s long reaching arm found him. He is once again embroiled in a life of crime, not his chosen occupation, but one he seemed to be enjoying. His love life also changed in the form of Tina, a passionate woman with an insatiable appetite for sex, which Tony was only too happy to provide. Sex eventually turned into love; can love and crime exist side by side?

Find out in this second part of Tony’s two worlds.


About The Author

I was brought up, educated and worked in the UK until 2004. In February 2004, I moved to Cyprus to live. Being of Cypriot origin, I had always been drawn to Cyprus, I would visit a couple of times a year, and it was always my aim to eventually retire here, and here I am 10 years on.

Writing has been a hobby or pastime for me for the past 20/25 years, I found it was a great way to escape from the rat race that I was in. I kept everything I had written over the years, and only recently have I dared think about actually publishing my work.

It started when I wrote a true story... more

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