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Chris Christodoulou


I was brought up, educated and worked in the UK until 2004. In February 2004, I moved to Cyprus to live. Being of Cypriot origin, I had always been drawn to Cyprus, I would visit a couple of times a year, and it was always my aim to eventually retire here, and here I am 10 years on.

Writing has been a hobby or pastime for me for the past 20/25 years, I found it was a great way to escape from the rat race that I was in. I kept everything I had written over the years, and only recently have I dared think about actually publishing my work.

It started when I wrote a true story about a stray Mini-Pinscher puppy, that had literally wondered into our home, and changed our lives completely. Someone suggested I publish it, so I did, as an ebook. It has sold very well, this encouraged me to believe in myself, so I pulled out a lot of things I had written over the years, revised them, polished them up, and are now available to buy in ebook format and Paperback format.

Books by Chris Christodoulou

Armoury: The birth of a Superhero (book) by Chris Christodoulou
Ben Fuller, he is a superhero. He is the World’s newest superhero. Nobody knows him yet, but they will. Imagine discovering you have an incredible ability! What would you do with it? Who would you tell?
Utopian Magic by Chris Christodoulou. Book cover
In the mid 1800’s, father and son Elliot and Nathan, roamed the country earning a living performing ‘Magic Shows’, they were travelers. Their journey eventually brings them to a town called Utopia. They make the huge old Oak tree on the edge of the town their temporary home and its here they are to make a discovery that was to change their lives forever!
Fiction > Action & Adventure
The Two Worlds of Tony Leonitou - Part 2 by Chris Christodoulou. Book cover
Tony could have gone anywhere in the World to escape Tyrone’s clutches, but circumstance took him to ‘Hastings’ on the South coast of England, where Tyrone’s long reaching arm found him. He is once again embroiled in a life of crime, not his chosen occupation, but one he seemed to be enjoying. His love life also changed in the form of Tina, a passionate woman with an insatiable appetite for sex, which Tony was only too happy to provide.
Fiction > Action & Adventure
Only in Cyprus by Chris Christodoulou. Book cover
A hilarious guide to living in Cyprus. Even if you have no intention of living in Cyprus, get an insight into an extraordinary world of chaos! Written very much ‘tongue in cheek’ to make you laugh. I have included many pictures that depict Cyprus life more than my words can. Make yourself happy, make yourself laugh!
Fiction > Humor
Twisters by Chris Christodoulou. Book cover
A book of eleven short stories with a twist at the end. It is a compilation of my trilogy of books but all in one book. 1. Tri-Twists 2. 4 more 3. Final twists. These books are still available individually. Ideal for a quick fix of reading with a cup of coffee.
Fiction > Short Stories
The Two Worlds of Tony Leonitou by Chris Christodoulou. Book cover
Tony Leonitou, born in the East End of London of Cypriot parents. He was the eldest of four siblings. He worked hard to build a successful business in his chosen field, the shoe trade. He climbs the ladder to the top, but due to circumstance, he comes tumbling down hard. Tony marries along the way, but for the wrong reasons, Cypriot tradition and custom. The inevitable happens and his marriage also ends in disaster. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Tyrone!
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers