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The Valuable Anger

The Essential Secrets of How to Direct Your Rage to Achieving Goals – Anger Management to Become 1% Better Every Day
by Jessica Jones  US United States

November 29, 2016   |    923 reads    |   0 comments

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The Valuable Anger (book) by Jessica JonesAnger is a feeling that creates energy in your body and mind. Once you feel anger creeping up, you either leap into action or sit and plot out your revenge. Rather than directing your anger towards something without value, it would serve you best to redirect and leverage that fireball of energy towards something greater. The book will tell you in detail how to do that. You can create great things with your anger. It’s in your power to make it so.

About The Author

Hi, my name is Jessica and I have been working as a psychologist for nearly 25 years now. I have a profound interest in the areas of self-growth and personal success, human productivity and rediscovering yourself, as well as healthy lifestyles for both body and mind. I’ve been greatly influenced by the works of outstanding Alan Watts, Kurt Lewin, Dale Carnegie, Ken Wilber, Eckhart Tolle and many others.
During my life and working experience, I have noticed a lot of significant things that are affecting everyone's life day after day, making it either better or worse, and now I... more

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