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To You From Spirit

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To You From Spirit by Robbie Thomas. Book coverUplifting and well written in reflection for the soul! Everyone who reads this book will carefully place a bookmarker within his or her heart, which will give abundant solace within. The writing is that of great origin, the finest in the guidance from spirit to which each who turns the pages will be exuberant with enlightenment. Each page grows with you as you are drawn into the spiritual uplifting element of this book. Without further ado, allow yourself to feel whole in spirit when the message is To You From Spirit.
"Robbie Thomas has proven himself to many people as both a psychic and a man with clear and unique bridge to the spiritual realm. The book is divided into short sections that cover many topics, and its a great reference for those days when you are having difficulty with a decision or just want to know you are not alone. It wraps you in a warm blanket of solace, and by that, lives up to its bold title!" - Award Winning Film Producer Ronald James
"In modern times rarely does an author mesh the factual strength of hard science with uplifting beauty of pure spirituality. One thing I can guarantee is that you will be a much different person when you start reading this book from the one you' ll become once you've finish" -Michael Esposito, EVP Researcher/Paranormal Investigator
"Robbie Thomas has changed my life! This book and his teachings have changed a lot in me and the way I look at things. I am sure if you read this book, you too will find what you are looking for!" -Trevor "Moose" Stoyko, Radio DJ Bob Fm

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Robbie Thomas works in the paranormal field of study as a psychic medium/paranormal investigator. His work is well noted with many integral colleagues that work in the scientific and spiritual fields. Two well known accomplishments of Robbie’s is the creating and co producing of two critically acclaimed hit movies, Dead Whisper and The Sallie House, where actual communication with the other...

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