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Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs

Book by Pamela Li

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August 26, 2015  |  2,667 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs (book) by Pamela Li.Discover how today's brain research can help parents stop temper tantrums in this #1 Amazon Best-Seller in Parenting Toddlers. By following the step-by-step instructions, parents can make terrible-twos terrific. Give your child the gift of emotional self control now!

"I’ll never view a toddler’s tantrum in the same way after reading this book … the knowledge I gained from this book I certainly feel better equipped to handle tantrums in the best way without causing more problems that I resolve." - M. Hartwell
"Her concept of "CRAFT" was also amazing as it provided an easy way for me to remember how to respond in those trying situations. This will definitely be my go-to resource book for a few years to come." - Aneres
"Love how the book distilled scientific information into every day language" - Uyen Nguyen

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The mother of a precious daughter, Pamela is a former internet entrepreneur and executive who left it all behind to become a full-time mom. Like all parents, Pamela desires to provide her child with the best upbringing possible. Also like all parents, she was bombarded by parenting advice from other parents and non-parents alike. She was heartbroken when she followed some of the seemingly...

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