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Walk Your Path

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by Jessica Marie Baumgartner  US United States

February 10, 2020   |    384 reads    |   0 comments

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Walk Your Path - Book coverJessica's spiritual journey has led her down a long path of magic and self-awareness. Wiccans and Pagans have rapidly increased in numbers since she found her way and many new practitioners are as young and inexperienced as she once was. This book details her story along with some helpful tips, practices, and even spells to get anyone started or offer information to the curious.

Instead of reading like a manual, "Walk Your Path," is a friendly book that speaks to readers with kindness and understanding. It opens up on both the personal and professional level to provide more detail and guidance than ever.

About The Author

Jessica is a Pagan mother of three, whose children’s books about diversity and acceptance have received critical acclaim and multiple awards. She has written for, “Conscious Shift Magazine,” “The New Spirit Journal,” “Chicken Soup for the Soul, “Circle Magazine,” “The Witches’ Voice,” and has placed an article in an upcoming issue of “SageWoman” and “Light of Consciousness Magazine.” She is a member of the Missouri Writer's Guild, a columnist for Lit Reactor Magazine, and her new book, "Walk Your Path," was recently released by Green Magic Publishing.

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