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Tales of Courage, Leadership, Blunders, and SNAFUs

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September 19, 2018  |  1,389 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Author's Notes

This book is a collection of military history articles the author wrote over the decades for various magazines and web sites. They describe acts of great heroism and acts of pure blundering, intrepid leadership and self-serving vainglory, brilliant technological developments born of war and not so brilliant ideas. Some, I hope, will awe the reader with their inspirational stories. Others, I suspect, will astound the reader by the stupidity they reveal. While this book is titled War Stories, I confess there are two articles that do not deal with warfare. Instead, they deal with men battling the sea. As every old salt—and I consider myself one—knows, the sea is a merciless foe and a seaman's first enemy.

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Martin Roy Hill is the author of the Linus Schag, NCIS, thrillers, the Peter Brandt thrillers, DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond, Polar Melt: A Novel, and EDEN: A Sci-Fi Novella. His latest Linus Schag thriller, The Butcher's Bill, received the Best Mystery/Suspense Novel of 2017 from the Best Independent Book Awards, the Clue Award for Best Suspense Thriller,...

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