What Adam Knows About Eve

What Adam Knows About Eve (book) by Dr. Marcus Rose

15 April, 2010

FULL COLOR VERSION You won't find a more creative, humorous and informative relationship book than this! Dr. Marcus's familiarity with his subject matter comes from more than 30 years of practice & experimentation. He believes that relationships are not based on rules or games, but on time honored techniques, humor and spiritual relationships. His humorous take on the subject matter will change your life and motivate you to love your "Adam" more: The Answers You've Been Looking For: - What makes him tick? - What is his really thinking? - What does he know about you that would surprise you? - What does he know that you will never do? - How sexual moves does he know will work on you every time? - What secret do you think you're hiding, but he already knows? - What does he know about this one thing you do that will always let him down? The book has many blank pages for the owner or gift giver to customize for their special someone.

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