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What if you don't express

Book by Deeksha

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December 16, 2020  |  693 views  |  0 reviews / comments

What if you don't express - Book coverThis book helps you understand the power of expressing yourself to the world. It helps you make your relationships better with your loved ones, your family, your work relationships. It adds freedom and happiness to your life with the power of expressing your emotions.

Some people feel shy or have fear of expressing themselves. This book highlights the problems one can face due to lack of expression. It makes you understand the importance of communication to keep our relations strong.

Book contains the ideas how one can overcome the fear of judgement which does not let then express.

It helps you make your life easy and loving.


Author's Notes

Communication is very crucial for everyone. Most of the problems arise due to lack of communication between families, friends, partners. I wrote this book to share my experience, what i lost by not expressing myself and how i overcame that and started expressing myself with comfort.

About Deeksha

IN India

Hi, my name is Deeksha. I think communication is very important part of our life. And we should express ourselves in front of people to avoid misunderstandings and make our bonds stronger.

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