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Why The Gods Do Not Hear Us – Practices

Psychic Protection Guide, Energetic Protection Book, How To Strengthen Aura, To Activate The Ability, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself (Free Bonuses)
Book by Odin

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Why The Gods Do Not Hear Us – Practices - Book coverThis workbook is the ideal training for beginners and for experienced yogis, healers, esoterics and those who are involved in the divers technique of desires execution, who want to fulfill their potential; to attract money and luck; to be defended against psychic attacks; to increase immunity; to get rid of chronic fatigue, stresses, depression and other negative states. (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices" The unique but very simple exercises and meditation are collected here for all occasions: to quickly get filled with energy when you need it; to create energy protection; to develop intuition; within 3 minutes to relax and calm down; to correctly create their desires and ask the Universe to come them true, and many other useful and important things. You will receive a detailed description of aura in terms of the number of world traditions: Hinduism, Shamanism, the Slavic tradition, and one closed esoteric flow of ancient Slavs – Cossack SPAS. Will learn the secrets how long to stay young, learn the step-by-step process to manifest your goals and desires, self-healing techniques for health, rejuvenation, increase psychic powers and spiritual realization. Here are just some meditations that will help you become much stronger:
● Ways of energetic and psychic protection: how to protect yourself from psychic attack, enemies, manipulators and negative energy;
● How to remove negative emotions – fears, anger, exasperation etc.;
● How to awaken the third eye chakra and develop intuition;
● Guide to developing of telekinesis and psychic abilities – dissolving clouds with your mind power;
● How to keep your body young by using Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth;
● Techniques for Bindu chakra activation for preservation youth and health;
● Chakras for beginners: practical exercise for healing and opening your chakras Anahata, Vishuddha and Ajna that will give intuition and quick push up for development;  
● How to balance Yin and Yang energies, right and left hemispheres of the brain, how to awaken and protect chakras and energy body;
● The complete description of 21 chakras – names in Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic tradition, organs, diseases and a list of features of character that relate to each chakra;
● Mantras for healing, happiness, peace and prosperity;
● How to stop negative thoughts and feelings, overcoming negative emotions;
● How to open, clean, heal your heart chakra Anahata;
● How to improve your focus and mental concentration – hearing and vision attention;
● How to meditate, to relieve stress, to get over anxiety attack, to overcome depression and sadness using the balance of Yin and Yang energies;
● Protection and cleansing of your aura from negative energy using Shaman's drum, bija mantras, Tibetan singing bowls;
● How to reduce your fears in 1 day to stop anxiety, panic and worry;
● How to return karmic debts, how to quickly remove bad situations in the past and to improve your present and future;
● Fast development of consciousness, increasing awareness and attention;
● How to deal with negative emotions and stress;
● A simple way how to end negative inner self-talk.

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He’s a Psychologist, Coach, Reiki Grand Master, and Certificated Spiritual Healer with 15 years of experience in helping people, Expert in the fields of human psychoenergetics. Engaged in Hinduism, Shamanism, tradition of ancient Slavs, and many other systems more than 15 years. He’s capable of seeing human aura. He has developed a unique author system for rapid self-development, cleaning and...

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